Unforgotten:  Our Loved Ones Lost to Overdose

Unforgotten is public art project that you can create in your own community…or join in with ours here in the nation’s capital.  It honors those who have died from overdose and visibly demonstrates the toll this epidemic is having on our society.
The concept is simple—jeans offer a common thread and their varying hues reflect the shades of our humanity.  Ready-made strands allow viewers to add the names of those whom they have lost.  Empty spots along these strands provide an opportunity for adding the pocket from a loved one’s jeans.
If you would like to have us add the name of your loved one to our Washington, DC strands, which will be displayed throughout the country, please fill out the form below.
The intention is to create strands this year in communities throughout the United States and display them all together once the pandemic has subsided.